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After the commercial potential of a new musical development becomes clear, a phase of sellout and integration by the industrie begins. This development led to a degeneration of the mainstream culture into a market-oriented and largely meaningless style. Parallel to this development there still exist different underground-scenes. Some of them understand for example their parties and events as social free spaces in the sense of a temporary autonomous zone, which is based on collective and non-commercial values.

The concept of the cybertribes is based on the idea of a network of small, decentralised groups, which replace authoritarian structures by collective ones. Like a modern tribe, the cybertribes refer to the knowledge of old cultures as well as to the developments of the present. Shamanistic rituals have as much place in the cybertribes as internet-surfing. The using of psychedelics has as much place as resistance against repressive political structures. According to the Cybertribe-concept these tendencies form no conflict, rather they are a step to a new culture.

- Wolfgang Sterneck -

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