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• Every party is political. There needn’t be a banner hanging with a political demand anywhere.

• So, for example, the question of who makes money out of a party is political. Is it a single person that thrives on inflated admission charges? Or is it a group of people that are mainly concerned with a good party?

• Political is the handling of nature at an Open-Air event. Does one strive to use the place sensibly or are there piles of rubbish left behind?

• Political is how people interact with each other at a party. Is it collaborative or an Ego-trip?

• Of course a consciously illegally organized party that defies the guidelines of commerce and consumption is also political.

• Political is as well how drugs are handled on a party.

• For example it is also political if all reverentially look up to the DJ and acclaim whatever he may do.

• Political is more than the question whether a track has political lyrics. Policy is also more than the talk of ministers. Policy is the relationship between us. Policy is our daily action ...

- Wolfgang Sterneck -

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