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• Cannabis has been used by different cultures for over 8.000 years. It has served as a medical plant and to induce visions, been used as a resource for textiles or paper, and as a natural stimulant and intoxicant.

• The prohibition is justified with negative consequences for health and society. In contrast the Legalize-Movement refers to the fact that several millions of people in Germany are using Cannabis regularly without any problems.

• Marijuana (‘Grass’) is obtained from the dried leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant while Hashish is extracted from the resin of the female plant. Both products are mostly smoked with tobacco.

• Primal effects are relaxation, a light euphoria, and often exhilaration. Pleasant feelings but also anxieties are intensified.

• Furthermore, sensations are intensified, as of colours, sounds, and time are altered.

• Heavy Cannabis use can have a negative impact on intellectual performance. It is particularly problematic during puberty.

• By smoking Cannabis with tobacco the body is multiply burdened.

• In case of heavy consumption a combination of physical and mental factors can lead to dependence.

• In extreme cases the use of Cannabis can contribute to the outbreak of psychotic states.

• The possession of Cannabis is a criminal act in Germany. In case of minor amounts several federal states however abstain from prosecution.

• Nevertheless it can lead to the loss of the driving licence or to the required attendance at a so-called medical-psychological examination (MPU).

• In case of overdosing and nausea the following actions are helpful: calm environment, fresh air, relaxing talks, cooling of head and forearms, ingestion of high dosed vitamin C.

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