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• The Coca plant has been cultivated in the Andes for about 5.000 years. Traditionally it was used in religious ceremonies and for healing. Later it became integrated into everyday life.

• Meanwhile Cocaine is, despite of prohibition, one of the most used drugs worldwide and become an important economic factor.

• At the level of the body, Cocaine simultaneously causes an anaesthetisation and a stimulation of parts of the nervous system.

• Therefore, while the perception of pain decreases, the body seems to have inexhaustible energy reserves and hunger or thirst is barely noticed.

• In case of gentle use Cocaine causes a state of euphoria and seems to increase creativity and concentration. Furthermore inhibitions decline and an emotional protective cap appears to shield one from problems.

• In case of increased use Cocaine becomes an Ego-drug. The users feel cool and almost invincible while they actually often exhibit a more wretched image.

• To some extent male users show a macho behaviour and an increased tendency toward violence.

• Adverse effects of sniffing are a numb feeling in the nose, uneasiness, as well as an increased pulse rate. Permanent use leads to deficiency symptoms and damage to organs.

• Cocaine can increase sexual sensation but it can also lead to impotence and inactivity. - If you have sex: stay safe with a condom.

• Massively high dosages and continuous consumption often lead to hallucinations and paranoia.

• If it’s sniffed through the nose there’s the danger of viral infections. Therefore bank notes should be avoided and one’s own tube should always be used.

• The fading of the effect is accompanied by exhaustion, and partly affected by depression and aggression. The need for a repeated kick is especially high then and can adopt the nature of an addiction.

• Cocaine is additionally spread in modified form as Crack.

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