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- Crack is on the market since the 80ies. Because of its effects and the higher profit margin it has replaced heroin in some cities.

- Crack is produced from cocaine that is boiled up with baking powder and water to little crystals (rocks). “Freebasing” means that cocaine is heated with water, ammoniac or ether. In contrast to freebase, crack still contains all the impurities.

- Crack is mostly smoked in pipes that are heated with a lighter. The thereby arising crackling sound lead to the name crack.

- The effect of crack is more intense than the one of cocaine. It begins yet after seconds but lasts with about 15 minutes significantly shorter.

- During the effect there occurs a strong feeling of euphoria combined with an allegedly pronounced ability and alertness. Hunger and fatigue aren’t noticed anymore.

- The rapid decay of the effect is mostly associated with the impulse to consume again. The risk of an grave psychic dependence is thereby very high.

- Short-time adverse effects are an increase of the body temperature and an enlargement of the pupils. Long-term consequences of the consume are grave damages to lungs and brain.

- The risk of an outbreak of paranoia and psychoses is significantly increased.

- The behaviour of many crack addicts is affected by excessive consume patterns, permanent restlessness und high irritability or aggressiveness.

- In the course of the circuit of dependence and mental and physical problems mostly occurs a process of impoverishment.

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