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• Heroin was developed and marketed as an analgesic in 1874. Because of its intoxicant effect it was widespread until its prohibition.

• Afterwards Heroin was increasingly used again not until the 70ies. It corresponded to the inner tendency to escape of parts of the youth in society that was felt to be anchorless.

• Heroin is obtained from chemically processed Opium, the sap of the opium poppy. It can be sniffed, smoked, or injected.

• At the beginning Heroin causes a warm, euphoric prevailing feeling. Problems seem to vanish completely in the course of an inner contentedness that covers everything.

• In the long run however an increasing dulling and indifference occurs.

• A tolerance is fast established. Then the dosage must be constantly increased to reach the desired state.

• Along with the psychic factors especially the high potential for physical dependence can lead to an addiction with corresponding abstinence symptoms (‘turkey’).

• Then the only purpose in life is the supply with the drug. At the same time the behaviour mostly gets more and more egocentric.

• The criminalization and the manifold psycho-social concomitants often lead to a process of pauperisation and bodily decay.

• Often psychic problems are closely related to this. To some extent Heroin is however also used to cover already existing psychic and social problems.

• Pure heroin is comparatively compatible with the state of health. Normally it is however heavily diluted and its purity can fluctuate. Therefore it should be carefully dosed.

• By sharing needles or tubes there’s the danger of viral infections. Therefore one’s own syringes and tubes should always be used.

• Overdosing can be life-threatening. In case of emergency call a doctor.

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