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• Ketamine is used as an anaesthetic in the veterinary medicine under the trade name Ketanest. Since the 90ies there’s also a psychedelic use of ‘Special K’.

• It is mostly swallowed or injected as a watery liquid. In its pure form it is a crystalline white powder.

• Ketamine is difficult to dose. Its use is accordingly risky. Yet minor differences are causing extremely different effects.

• Some experiences are described as breaking open and enriching. But it can also lead to a total loss of control and to paranoia.

• The motivity and the sensory perception are totally altered. The spectrum ranges from complete anaesthetisation to strong intensification.

• Yet minor overdosing can cause an immediate blackout. Therefore Ketamine should be taken recumbent and not alone.

• The experiences can show a dream-like nature. Associative thinking and fractal images appear. To some extent the mind seems to leave the body. The established concept of reality is thereby suspended.

• Ketamine causes a strong decrease of the perception of pain. To some extent injuries and alarm signals of the body are barely noticed.

• The trip is mostly followed by a feeling of faintness. There should necessarily be time to assimilate the experience physically as well as mentally.

• Frequent use causes damages to the brain. In case of a disposition Ketamine can crucially contribute to the outbreak of psychoses.

• The possession and trade of Ketamine beyond medical use is illegal.

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