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• Psychoactive mushrooms (‘Magic Mushrooms’, ‘Psilos’) have been used for thousands of years. The Aztecs used psilocybin mushrooms for healing and to induce visionary experiences. In Europe the ‘Liberty Caps’ (Psilocybe semilanceata) are most widespread.

• Consumption of Magic Mushrooms causes an alteration of the consciousness. Use is often characterised by a euphoric and bright prevailing mood and the perception of kaleidoscopic images.

• At high doses a level of perception is entered in which the boundaries between outer and inner world, and those of time and space are to some extent suspended. Feelings and experiences repressed into the unconscious can surface.

• The prevailing mood and the environment have a high influence on the process of the trip. If one takes Magic Mushrooms it’s important to prepare intensively for the experience and to have time after it for the integration.

• An unprepared and arbitrary consumption can fast lead to depressing feelings. This applies also to the use in closed rooms.

• In case of a disposition there’s the risk of the outbreak of psychotic states.

• Possible adverse effects are nausea, vertigo, and an increased pulse rate.

• Several scientific studies indicate that the psychoactive components in moderate use do not cause any physical harm in the long run.

• Fresh air and cool drinks as well as a calm environment, a gentle treatment of the person, and concentration on pleasant experiences are helpful with many problems during the trip.

• If the mushrooms are gathered by oneself there’s the risk of confusion with deadly poisonous genera of mushrooms.

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