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• In America tobacco is smoked for ritual purposes since hundreds of years. In Europe it spread since the 16th century. Today about 25 % of the population of Germany are smoking regularly.

• Long ago smoking tobacco cigarettes has become a business with billions of profit to which not the human being but the profit is central.

• Nicotine, as a part of tobacco, acts lightly psychoactive. Frequent use leads to dependence.

• Often mentioned reasons for smoking are enjoyment, relaxation, stimulation, conviviality, occupation, custom or dependence.

• Furthermore unconscious advertisement images are associated with smoking of certain brands: the “cool cowboy”, the “relaxed Frenchman” or the “modern woman”.

• Cigarettes contain besides nicotine numerous other substances (e.g. tar, lead, hydrocyanic acid, ...), that must be classified as dangerous to health. Furthermore by burning further poisonous substances are uncontrolled generated.

• There’s an extreme increase of health risks: lack of fitness, skin aging, susceptibility to infections, smoker’s leg, lung cancer, cancer of the throat, heart attack, apoplectic stroke, …

• In Germany about 1400.000 people a year die of the consequences of smoking.

• Withdrawal syndromes are: testiness, restlessness, pains, as well as an obsession with the drug.

• Even by passive smoking the risk of cancer and heart attacks. No other drug harms uninvolved people in a comparable extent.

• A way to reduction: consciously limiting the daily number and define times and reasons.

• The main cause to stop: breath!

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