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They stare in a strange happy and stoned way… They sniff solvents, throw pills, take the next hit.

These are some moments that help to forget. Moments to escape to another world – not more.

They are the kids in the slums of Dakar and Bankok, as well as in the suburbs of Madrid and Paris or in the ghettos of New York.

They are the kids of the globalisation, of the world-wide economic unification in which only profit counts.

It’s produced where the profit is the biggest and the wages are the lowest, where preferably trade unions do not exist, where already almost no one cares about the protection of nature.

Who’s left behind was just unlucky.

And so the slums and ghettos grow worl-wide – and with them the longing for escaping the destroyed reality for a few moments …

' It is not necessary to conquer the world. It is sufficient with making it new. By us. Today.'
- Subcomandante Marcos -